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Belair utility crews are comprised of personnel trained to tackle your toughest projects. The road to a successfully completed project is not always a straight path – from managing unforeseen buried obstacles to precisely placing all the parts in the ground, our team works to provide the finished product you expect.

A typical concern in today’s marketplace is continuity of service and quality.  Current economic conditions have led many contractors to attempt projects in new areas of business.  Please be assured that our firm was built over many years of repeat business from public and private owners who continue to rely on the expertise of our managerial and field staff.  At Belair, our unique LEAN™ management practice allows us to continuously improve our service and to eliminate waste on even the most complex projects.

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Site utility project involving the phased removal and installation of utility piping to coincide with ongoing construction of a new stadium facility.   A majority of the utility project involved installation of trunk public sanitary, water and storm sewer systems utilizing intense shoring methods. The installation of the utilities required rock excavation and correction of existing unsuitable soils with the import and placement of backfill material.  

Belair prepared the sub-grade for a future commuter rail line adjacent to the project.  

o 2,700’ of 12-24” VCP and PVC Sanitary Sewer Mains up to 21’ in deep

o 1,350’ of Concrete Encased 12” DIP Water main

o 1,200’ of 6-12” DIP Water main

o 2,000’ of 12-36” RCP Storm Sewer

o 47,728 tons/2,170 truckloads of unsuitable material exported from site

o 1,400’ of railway line sub-grade correction

o 20,000 Approximate manhours to complete overall project

This 74 acre redevelopment site consisted of soil corrections, installation of new water, storm and sanitary utilities. Rain gardens surround the property with under drain tying into an intricate storm water system. Box culvert was installed along the main traffic artery, while maintaining access to all local businesses.

  • Over 2 miles of Watermain placed.
  • 1.5 miles of Sanitary Sewer placed.
  • 3 miles of landscape drain installed.
  • 2.5 miles of Storm Sewer installed.
  • Quarter mile of 22’x7’ concrete box culvert.
  • 50,000 tons of material imported.
  • 2 million square feet of fine grading.
  • Over 40,000 man hours without a lost time incident.
  • All tasks completed on schedule.

Belair begins every project with a sound estimate of costs and schedule.  Belair utilizes a trusted group of subcontractors and has developed longstanding accounts and relationships with many local and national product suppliers.  Using quality subs and vendors assures us that every project starts on a solid foundation.